Our Achievements

With an aim to emerge stronger together, and to chart an agenda for action for Singapore’s economic development, the AfAs brought together EST members, business leaders, industry stakeholders, institutes of higher learning (IHLs), the Labour Movement, non-government organisations (NGOs), and government agencies, to adapt together through a new, nimble, and dynamic form of private-public partnership.

Building on our integrated ecosystem of strengths, the AfAs were established to tackle challenges in various sectors and seize growth opportunities together.

Through this dynamic partnership, the AfAs adopted an agile “startup” approach — to dream big, but start small. And we were able to achieve success in a short period of time, from developing prototypes, to rallying industry stakeholders to onboard new initiatives.

We hope that the growing momentum achieved by the AfAs will inspire you to join our journey to expand the frontiers of Singapore’s economy, for our businesses and people.

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Becoming a Virtually
Unlimited Singapore

Building on the work of the AfAs, our vision for the future is to become a Virtually Unlimited Singapore. To offer limitless possibilities and opportunities for our businesses, our people, and our nation. To spur our transformation to a Global-Asia node of technology, innovation, and enterprise, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a Singapore that is Virtually Unlimited, we can transcend our physical boundaries to become a virtual node, offering new virtual products and services to the world.

As a Sustainable Nation, our economic growth must be sustainable – for the environment, the economy, and our people. We will seize opportunities from sustainability, while ensuring our next bound of growth is inclusive for all segments of society. Powered by a competitive and future-ready local workforce that is complemented by a skilled global workforce, and a strong core of global champions.

All of this can be achieved if we transform the way we work and embrace the belief that we are Stronger Together, through agile partnerships in Singapore and beyond. As we work together to bring our five recommendations to life, we can be a Virtually Unlimited Singapore.

Our Stories

Faced with ever-evolving challenges in today’s global economy, our AfAs have worked closely with various sectors and industries to form new partnerships, innovate, develop, and prototype new solutions. Unlocking greater possibilities and opportunities for our people.

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